Project: Access: Oregon, for Oregon Dept. of Fish & Wildlife

Oregon Dept. of Fish & Wildlife
Access: Oregon

A travel and outdoor guide for the disabled

The Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife hired us to create a guidebook to state recreation areas offering access to the disabled. Veteran copywriter George Taylor and I conceived Access: Oregon as an all-weather regional travel guide that would be especially useful to the disabled, converting a sheaf of State-generated spreadsheets into a booklet of comprehensive, accurate maps and crisp, detailed site synopses, but emphasizing recreation and the outdoors, rather than disability.



The piece is sized for the glove compartment, where in those pre-Google Maps days, it would conceivably live with other maps. It follows the same visual language we had developed for Oregon Wildlife, the ODFW’s outreach magazine, which we had done earlier.




General orienteering copy and instructions on how to navigate the book.



Map and listings

Throughout, we sought to maintain an explicit relationship between the maps and explanatory data. Each region has its own map, set opposite a descriptive matrix, keeping the relevant information set manageable. Descriptions observe a rigorous typographical hierarchy. Maps were created especially for this publication, simplified, but with all major roads and landmarks indicated; we wanted it to be useful even if it happened to be the only navigational information in your glove box.



Map and listings

An overall map showing the entire state folds out from the back cover, so that the user can use both maps simultaneously. All maps indicate all relevant highways and landmarks, towns and cities, and county boundaries.

George Taylor
Mark Conahan