Project: The Audience Network identity, for DirecTV

The Audience Network identity

On-air packaging for DirecTV’s original programming channel

We didn’t win this one. In the wake of our repackaging of Comedy Central, DirecTV asked us to have a look at their existing Channel 101, which they planned to turn into an original content platform, having just bought the rights to produce seasons 4 and 5 of Damages. The relaunched channel would serve as the home of Damages and also feature reruns of well-respected series such as The Wire and programming from Australia and Canada.

Pitch film

An audience, after all, is only a group of people until a show starts. Seeing a play or movie at a theatre is quite a different experience from watching television alone. Since most of their programming consisted of smaller-share offerings with devoted fan bases, we developed a campaign with a strong social component, hoping to recreate the communal experience of the theatre using Twitter, Facebook and other platforms. Show promos would feature Twitter hashtags: since people were already talking about these programs, providing unified hashtags would give Audience members a way to find each other.

Visual language was sophisticated but aimed mostly to frame content (as we had done previously with Comedy Central) within a simple rhetorical device, based on a three-word construction: “Watch. Listen. React.” And “react” could be any verb appropriate to a given program: seethe, wince, howl, and so on.